a photoset of rian dawson or and zack merrick; asked by kissmelucas

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Rebecca Cairns

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She just wishes to go to the ball


She just wishes to go to the ball

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art by upoyk

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The Wicked & The Divine #4 (preview), Gillen/McKelvie/Wilson

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i get so happy when people come to me and asks about video games like

yES ask me about video games, talk to me about video games, laugh with me about video games, cry with me about video games, breathe video games with me…

i love video games

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fuckcourfeyrac replied to your photo:

i see meeee

BOTH THOSE POSTS ARE YOU i’m at least 43% convinced you did that on purpose

did you

tell me your secrets meg

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like famous poc are held up to these incredible standards to be an acceptable role model and if they do one thing wrong suddenly everyone withdraws their support completely bc “um, they’re a little bit problematic”

but scarlett johansson can literally stand by a child rapist and support apartheid and it’s like “yeah but i can still like her movies……….”

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